Our Baby Room / Rainbow Room is one of our largest rooms and is designed to be a homely room for children ages between 0 – 16 months. This room has been created to provide maximum stimulation for babies to assist in their development. The Baby room provides varying textures throughout the room, direct access to the all-weather garden, soft play, sensory lights, bubble machines, musical instruments, mirror walls and noise toys.



The Pixie room is for our toddlers who are growing into confident little Cherubs and these are the children who are starting to develop their own strong personalities and social skills.

The homely environment ensures that they feel safe and secure when starting to build all these new skills. We embedded lots of EYFS concept through play and adult led activities and support development by doing messy play, creative activities, mark making, role play, outdoor play and much much more.


The Elves room is for children who are around 2 ½ years old and are starting to burst with confidence and abilities. The is the first stage of our pre-school children and is the room in which we start to build in more challenging and adult led concepts to build on all the children knowledge and development.

Within this room we start to see the children becoming more skilled in many different areas and it is up to us to ensure that we are provided the children with an amazing amount of activities to build upon these skills.



Prep school is our outside classroom dedicated to our oldest Cherubs and is the second phase of our pre-school.

The structure is designed to give them the best possible preparation for leaving us to start their new adventure in ’Big School’. We change our topics monthly according to the children’s interest as well as incorporating all EYFS areas of development. This is so much fun.


We are so fortunate to have the space for our amazing sensory room. We can darken the room so we can experience the full extent of our floor to ceiling bubble tubes, fairy lights and flashing toys. We have baskets full of enriched resources which allows the children to explore their senses, musical instruments, natural resources and even a comfy corner to snuggle down in a calming environment and read a story.

We also have a 52-inch interactive screen in which we have a variety of age/stage appropriate apps so that all the children can come and learn with their friends.

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